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The personal quest into the enterprise development among

        - To promote the spirit of love for the collective love of plants, the future fate of individuals and businesses closely tied together.

        - To promote the spirit of love and devotion to duty, to do the work themselves.

        - Promote pragmatic innovation, strengthen the spirit of learning, more learning, more work.

        - To promote the spirit of unity and cooperation, the convenience to the other, the difficulties for themselves.

        - Advocate hard work, thrift proud spirit to overcome the phenomenon of extravagance and waste.



Tel :0086-579-85865566/85380156      Fax: 0086-579-85867826      Add: No. 8 Mingyue Road, Yi Ting Town, Yiwu     Web: www.gzkeoo.live      design: www.kckj.cc   Zhejiang     ICP

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